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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the street on his scooter. police were chasing him when he hit the boy. >> president obama wraps up a three-day trip to china today after reaching a historic agreement on climate change. they pledged to work together to reduce gas and greenhouse emissions. >> came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. >> police have arrested the woman accused of punching a fellow shopper outside nordstrom rack in colma. the woman was allegedly attacked after she told terry elzie to quiet down her screaming child. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> gang's all here! hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. >> well, the u.s. and china have struck a deal for both countries to limit greenhouse gases. president obama made the announcement today in beijing.
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it's the first time china has committed to cap carbon emissions. as for the u.s., mr. obama announced a goal for the year 2025 and under that plan, u.s. emissions would be cut by 26 to 28% below levels recorded in 2005. >> good thing we have traffic and weather to hear that story. >> you needed to know what's going on in china! it's going to be interesting the next few days. we are going to see showers return as early as this evening. the whole pattern may switch to a wet pattern which is great news. off the coastline there is a storm system headed in our direction so the clouds will be thickening up throughout the day today. temperatures will be cooler only in the 60s probably even low 60s toward the coastline. and then this evening, a chance of a couple of raindrops. now, because those clouds are holding the temperatures up fairly mild in some spots 59 in livermore and oakland and 60 in san francisco. this afternoon mostly cloudy skies. holding off on the rain just yet. temperatures in the 60s. but this evening, liz, maybe a
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little wet and maybe a little bit wet for the commute tomorrow morning. >> and it's dry now. we already have some interesting traffic on the road. what's interesting is what this big rig was hauling just kind of very timely overturned frozen turkey truck and it's all happening in san ramon right now. it is launching an off-ramp. we'll have live video of the scene coming up. in the meantime use that bollinger canyon off-ramp instead. they say alcosta will be closed until 6:30. it's carrying thousands of pounds of turkeys. the main lines of the freeway are not affected. if you just use an alternate off-ramp you should have no trouble. >> they are not on the freeway? >> no. it's once you get off on the off-ramp on alcosta itself but it's taking at least four hours. it happened around 2:30 this morning. >> a little bit of holiday cheer. >> yeah. >> thank you. it must be very difficult to land a spacecraft but to
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land it on something moving at 41,000 miles an hour has to be tricky. >> that would be quite the parking job. european space agency is making an attempt. it's happening right now. here's kpix 5's kiet do to explain what's about to happen. kiet. take it away. >> reporter: we want to take you to a live feed of a camera located inside mission control in germany. it is a tense situation as goes back and forth between nail biting and cheers. the scientists are celebrating every milestone. >> yes! whoo! >> reporter: all righty. a lot of relief this morning as the unmanned rosetta probe released a lander that's now headed to a rendezvous with a fast-moving comet. if all goeses to planned it will be the first -- if all goes as planned it will be the first time a craft landed on a comet. this started 10 years ago. now that this washing machine- sized lander has been released
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it's making the final 7-hour trip. the landing is a delicate process. >> the comet's gravity is 100,000 times weaker than earth and would bounce off if you didn't do anything. they have a thruster to move it to the surface and harpoons and other things to lock it down. >> reporter: the probe traveled 4 billion miles to reach the target that's just two miles wide. if it lands safely it will begin collecting data the scientists hope will give alleged clues to the origin of the universe. right now they should be getting word that the probe will land safely sometime around 8:00 our time. >> kiet, it's something like out of a movie. can't the scientists just steer the probe to a flat landing spot? >> reporter: yeah, you know, you would think it would be that easy but it is so far away that every time they execute a command, it takes 28 minutes for that signal just to reach the probe so it's impossible to do it in realtime. right now this thing is in autopilot and they have their
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fingers crossed. hopefully everything will go okay. we'll get word in a few hours. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> incredible. well, we have a developing story from the east bay. the search for a killer. >> a driver ran down a child last night and just kept going. >> kpix 5's anne makovec has details now. she is live in san leandro. anne. >> reporter: yeah. behind me, the beginning of a memorial for a 14-year-old boy who was hit and killed while he was riding his scooter through the crosswalk here behind me. and we have learned that he was a freshman at san leandro high school. here's a map of where i'm standing right now. it is at east 14th and ashland avenue in unincorporated alameda county near san leandro. this boy was hit during a police chase that began with a car driving recklessly at around 6 p.m. alameda county sheriff's deputies tried to pull that car over. it sped up on east 14th street
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hitting the boy and several witnesses saw it happen. >> as soon as i see him fly, i ran over to try to help him out. but there was not much i could do. i called 911 as soon as i got to where he was at. the car kept going. and the sheriff's officer that was right behind the car also kept going. >> reporter: officers tried to catch up with the driver after the accident but he got away and is still on the loose this morning. so officers are revealing -- reviewing surveillance tape from around this area trying to get some sort of description of this vehicle. they also say they are working several leads. right now near san leandro, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the deputies by the way involved in the chase are now on administrative leave. a suspected burglar is dead after being shot by police in menlo park. officers got the call just after noon yesterday about a suspicious person on willow place. they say they found the suspect and he took off running when they used a taser to try to
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stop him, they say he threatened officers with a gun. and that's when officers shot and killed him. an antiviolence rally today after a high school basketball player was gunned down outside his house just last week on friday. basketball coaches and players from schools all over the bay area unifying to end violence against youth. rodney frazier was killed in front of his yard on november 7. he played for richmond high's basketball team. the rally is at 5 p.m. at the richmond police department. four students are back home in northern california after being detained in russia. the four returned to sfo after going to russia for a student leadership conference. they were meeting with their russian counterparts when authorities went in and demanded to see their travel documents. they were held for several hours in st. petersburg. >> all of a sudden these people flood into the back of the room and police officers there's a news camera and there's people in really official looking uniforms talking to the director of the program. >> the students were fined $100
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each for not having the proper passports. then they were told they could leave russia. a federal judge in san jose has told apple it must face a lawsuit. the suit accuses the company of failing to tell its consumers that its messaging system would block them from getting text messages if they switched from apple iphone to android-based smartphones. the plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages in a class action status. so far apple has no comment. time now is 5:08. daredevil swimmers take a once- in-a-lifetime chance when driving into the water in southern california. the moment they realized they might have taken things too far. >> reporter: the opening of ski season is officially days away. good morning, i'm roberta gonzales live in novato. we head to old town sports to see how they are preparing for this winter season. >> and we may get some much-
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needed snow in the sierra nevada in the next 7 to 10 days. right now we are working with a storm system off the coastline. when can we expect rain? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and this overturned big rig in san ramon was carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen turkeys. it's going to take a while to clear. we'll have the latest from the scene coming up. but first, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. time is 5-- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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few minutes. fema has "disaster survivor assistance" te area... to help peop welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. overlooking the bay bridge this morning. a lot of clouds outside. no rain just yet. but we do have some rain on the way. maybe a series of storms. we'll talk about that coming up. well, fema has disaster survivor assistance teams in the bay area to help people who had losses in the south napa earthquake. the teams are canvassing affected areas in napa county and have set up shop near vallejo city hall. they will be there monday through friday until further notice. bring a jacket east. things are cold and hazardous in the rockies upper midwest as an early season storm brings a
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lot of snow and ice. at least four deaths already in minnesota linked to accidents on icy roads there. among the areas hardest hit, michigan's upper peninsula where over 2 feet of snow have fallen there. crazy! the rest of the midwest and the eastern u.s. can expect this kind of weather a little later this week. >> doesn't it make you happy you're here? >> oh, yeah. we're talking snow here so that means people will be hitting the slopes in the bay area. our roberta gonzales reports. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are officially just days away from the opening of ski season. so we came to novato. when you talk skiing you talk old town sports. roger goodwin, good morning. >> good morning. >> how long have you owned this shop? >> 35 years.
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>> reporter: how have things changed in the skiing industry in the past 30, 40 years? >> skiing is more fun, easier to do. the technology and equipment have evolved such that skiers can get into the sport and learn in a very short period of time. that makes it rewarding and you want to go back. so in that respect, technology has helped us immensely. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to this winter season. >> lots of snow. the last few years have been a little soft. we have been paying a lot of attention to larry's forecast so we can stay on top of what's about to come. we hope he is right about all this water coming our way prior to thanksgiving and on. so we need a good ski season. the ski industry really needs it. >> reporter: he is generally spot on. so tell me, how are the clothing changing this year? >> there's not a lot of changes other than a few, you know, tempered color changes. going back to more basic tones.
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mostly with clothing it's about staying warm and comfortable. the whole idea is to stay dry. >> reporter: it looks like more tapered, too. >> absolutely. the baggy style has gone away. the fitted look is certainly more in vogue so we are seeing that both in men and women, both ways. so it's a little more fashionable. it shows off the figure and the fitness of athletes a little bit bet. >> reporter: all right. so if you want to talk fashion, you want to talk snowboarding, you want to talk skiing, you want to talk old town sports, we have hooked you up with and go to "links and numbers." reporting from novato this morning, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> thank you. did you see the jacket you liked? >> i did! on the slopes you want to be fashionable even on the slopes >> you know what? the fashion goes out. it's about comfort and just staying warm. honest to god. >> but you have to look good. >> yeah, well. >> right, elizabeth? >> you have never skied with me apparently. >> i worked in the midwest for years and i never got an appropriate coat because i always wanted to look cute for live shots!
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oh, well. [ laughter ] san ramon, they are off- loading fuel and frozen turkeys from this overturned turkey truck and it's going to take a while to clear it, it may be later than 6:30. fortunately it's not causing delays so far on the main lines of the freeway. so we're talking southbound 680 at alcosta boulevard. the off-ramp remains closed so you can get by. get off at the bollinger canyon road exit before you hit alcosta but in the meantime we know that the driver of the big rig was hurt. minor injuries. 6:30 or later it will be cleared. they are starting to off-load the turkeys, then they have to right the truck and get the tow crews out there. so alcosta will be out of commission for a while. westbound 580 a few slowdowns between hacienda and 680. 19 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. we know this is a back-to-work commute for some people around the bay area.
5:17 am
they had yesterday off for veterans day so we're watching the bay bridge. it was so quiet yesterday. they turned off the metering lights before the commute really wrapped up. so here's a live look at the back-to-work commute now. you can see everything is moving okay so far in all lanes heading into san francisco from the east bay. speaking of the east bay, a live look up and down the nimitz 880 in oakland, they picked up that roadwork in san leandro both directions overnight approaching davis. so it looks like the roads are dry for now. but things are changing. let's check your forecast with lawrence. yeah. i think i it's not going to be turkeys tomorrow morning, liz. it's going to be raindrops you're going to be worried about. showers as early as this evening. out the door we have a lot of clouds now. and you can see that swirl of clouds off the coastline. that's the storm system that will likely bring some showers to the bay area a little bit later on today. but most of the day looking okay. sure, plenty of clouds now but kind of a mild start to the day. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. and then as we head into the evening showers starting in the north bay and moving to the
5:18 am
south. then looks like we may see a series of storms coming our way as we head into next week. that would be some welcome news. right now though high pressure out ahead of the system will keep things fairly dry and then this begins to move onshore later on in the afternoon and evening hours. boy, talking about cold temperatures around the country. how about this in denver today? a forecast of 5 degrees. unbelievable! hey, michelle is going to have a great time there. [ laughter ] >> temperatures around the bay area are going to stay rather mild today in some spots inland but here we go. as we get into the evening hours, look at about 10:00 or so starting to see pockets of moderate rainfall, heavier amounts of rainfall sweeping on through the bay area into early tomorrow morning. not the biggest storm we have ever seen but rainfall totals not bad maybe about a half inch of rain in some of the wetter spots in the north bay, santa rosa clicking up to half inch there. .39" if we're lucky in san francisco. and santa cruz mountains could get a soaking. mainly in the 60s. next couple of days rain this evening and showers ending
5:19 am
early tomorrow morning. and then i think by thursday afternoon probably even in the middle of the day we are done with the rain and will dry out with some partial clearing. dry on friday and saturday. but then next week still looks very promising. some rain expected now on tuesday. maybe a series of storms after that for at least the next seven to 10 days. >> you might have to buy two mock turtlenecks. >> mix it up. i might be wearing them all next week. >> wear a black one and then a bright green one. [ laughter ] we just stumbled on to something that very, very few people if anybody has ever seen, a hammerhead -- >> well, a group of guys spear fishing off the southern california coast near ventura had a rare encounter with a hammerhead shark. what they did next makes this one of a kind. two decided to put bait in the water and then jump in! they say the eight-foot-long hammerhead got more aggressive and tried to bite and after a few minutes, the men were able
5:20 am
to get back on the boat. >> that was not the smartist idea we have ever had. >> well, hello?! >> doh? >> experts say hammerhead sightings are rare but because of a developing el nino more are swimming up from baja. it's a shark! >> later today, they are skydiving without parachutes. [ laughter ] >> hello. it is 5:20. it is the 2014 version of the tupperware part with a bit of a twist. guys have been doing it for years. the post-work event popular with women in the bay area. we'll explain. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, one 49ers star is back while another is gone for the year. and the warriors test their mettle against the defending nba champion. tip-off coming up. >> and this morning's jobs report, steven greenberg says the key to getting hired may be thinking small. reporter: the unsung heroes of our economy are the creators of small businesses. the founders of facebook and twitter get lots of attention. but it's the owners of companies with fewer than 500 workers that have generated two
5:21 am
out of every three new jobs this century. they employ more than half of all private sector workers. in california, the latest figures show there are nearly 685,000 small businesses that employ more than 6.3 million workers. the job seekers tend to focus on a larger more well known companies. that's understandable. but targeting smaller businesses throughout the bay area can dramatically improve your chances of success. start by identifying 10 small businesses within commuting distance of your home. target the ones that may need someone with your skills. visit your local chamber of commerce website for a list of businesses in your area. approach the employers that are active in your community, advertising and sponsoring local events. they are likely the ones that are doing well and may soon be hiring. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. spurs coach gregg popovich is a coachle idle to warriors rookie head coach steve kerr. last night the teacher gave another lesson to his star pupil. >> he is one of my all time favorites, and it's going to be really strange looking down the other sideline at him. >> kerr won two rings playing for pop in san antonio. warriors turned it over 20 more times last night. festus couldn't handle the
5:25 am
pass. there's leonard on the other end. spurs led by 13 after that baby. golden state rallies in the 4th. thompson missed the last game with a hand injury hits a three. warriors within 7. thompson had 29 points. but the spurs could not be cooled off. tony parker hits the 3 to put san antonio up 12. they win 113-100. the spurs took 93 shots, they shot 50% from the field. the other team that has more turnovers than the warriors, how about the 49ers? just as soon as all done smith was reinstated by the nfl, the 49ers lost one of their star linebackers. patrick willis will have season ending surgery for a strained muscle in his big toe. an injury he resuffered on october 13th in st. louis. willis missed the last three games but was hoping to return. too bad the big toe was too big of a problem to overcome. >> i don't look to play this game for just another year, you know. i feel like i have five or six more years of great football
5:26 am
left in my body but unfortunately, you know, this toe was, um, telling me otherwise. >> but we have a silver lining. he might be gone, aldon smith is back and will play sunday against eli manning and the new york giants. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. 5:26 right now. a couple parts ways citing irreconcilable differences but wait until you find out how much a judge says one man has to pay his ex-wife. >> and it was a rescue against all odds. a lucky coincidence that helped firefighters save a young boy who fell some 200 feet off a marin county cliff. ,, ,,,,
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hit by a car in san leandro now the search is on for the a blow riding a scooter is left to die -- a boy riding a scooter is left to die after being hit. now a search is on for the hit- and-run driver. the u.s. and china announce a deal on climate change. >> and storm clouds spinning off our coastline. we could soon see some rain. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and a first birds sigh view from chopper 5. live pictures of this big rig on its side in san ramon. completely blocking an off- ramp, what it was hauling may surprise you. coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, november 12. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. right now, a hit-and-run driver is on the loose after killing a child in the east bay. it happened on the corner of east 14th street and ashland in san leandro. kpix 5's anne makovec is there this morning. >> this fatal accident happened during a police pursuit, we understand. >> reporter: that's right. and behind me, you can see this teddy bear it is the beginning
5:31 am
of a memorial for a 14-year-old boy who was hit while riding his scooter through a crosswalk a few yards away. and we have confirmed this morning he is a freshman at san leandro high. he was hit as you mentioned during a police chase that began with a car driving recklessly in this area around 6 p.m. alameda county sheriff's deputies tried to pull the car over and it sped up on east 14th street. witnesses say these vehicles were going as much as 50 miles per hour when the suspect vehicle hit the 14-year-old boy and several witnesses saw it happen. >> the car came right when the little boy was in the middle of the street and he got hit. and then he flew into the air and he landed over there. >> the car kept going. and the sheriff's officer that, you know, that was right behind the car also kept going. >> reporter: officers tried to catch up with the driver after the accident but he got away and is still on the loose this
5:32 am
morning. officers are reviewing surveillance video from this area trying to get some sort of information out on the suspect vehicle. they say they are working several leads right now. live in alameda county near san leandro, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the deputies involved in the chase are on administrative leave. we have some breaking news right now. there are some live pictures here from chopper 5. in san ramon a big rig carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen turkey overturned at 2:30 a.m. on alcosta off-ramp southbound 680. the turkeys didn't spill out but it's going to take a long time to off-load it, get it uprighted. the ramp is expected to be closed for a couple of hours. so take your time if you are in that area. doctors hope a little boy with serious injuries will be
5:33 am
able to be taken off a ventilator today. 4-year-old sebastian johnson from santa rosa is in children's hospital in oakland now suffering numerous broken bones when he fell off a cliff at bodega head on the sonoma county coastline. rescue workers found him on the beach and carried him up 230 feet. the u.s. and china have struck a deal for both countries to limit greenhouse gases. president obama made the announcement today in beijing. it's the first time china has committed to cap carbon emission. mr. obama announced a goal for the year 2025 for the u.s. under the plan u.s. emissions would be cut by 26 to 28% below levels recorded in 2005. 5:33. the compute is good but main later tonight a little rain? >> think if you stay late this evening you could see showers developing in the north bay first. right now it's quiet. we have a lot of clouds this morning. looks like the clouds will thicken up especially into the afternoon. by this evening, chance of showers outside. you can see the swirl off the coastline. that is your approaching storm
5:34 am
system headed our way. it will bring with it some downpours overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. outside this afternoon, cloudy, 60s inside the bay and valleys, low 60s at the coastline. temperatures mild over the bay with cloud cover. 60 in san francisco. 59 livermore. 59 in oakland. this afternoon, clouds thickening up, temperatures in the 60s. then this evening, liz, maybe you should come back this evening, a chance of showers. >> we got a big commute tomorrow morning, too. and this morning, actually, right now you may have heard frank and michelle just mention this over turn, this toppled turkey trailer causing a scene in san ramon. a number of flashing lights, fire crews, emergency crews on scene. you see all sand on the road. that's the fuel that spilled, as well. so right now, they are trying to off-load some of the fuel from that big rig and after that's done they have to take out all of the frozen turkeys
5:35 am
that that big rig was hauling. some 40,000 pounds of turkeys. so this is going to take a while. we have a new estimated time of opening. it's going to be closer to 10 a.m. this is the southbound lanes of 680 at alcosta. use bollinger canyon in the meantime. we'll have another report coming up. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. right now, high hopes for history in the making in space. it's an attempt to land a spacecraft on a comet that, oh, by the way, is moving at 41,000 miles. no easy chore and kpix 5's keit do joins us live to explain it. >> reporter: we want to take you right away to a live feed of a camera that's inside mission control located in germany. this is a 4 billion-mile trip that's taken 10 years to get to this point and when scientists gave the signal to the probe to release the lander and head towards the comet, this was the reaction. >> yes, whoo!
5:36 am
>> reporter: yeah, cheers and relief that it actually worked after all this time. the washing machine sized probe is making its final 7 hour trip to the surface of the comet. the comet's graffed is 100,000 times weaker than earth's so to keep it from bouncing off they have thrusterred, harpoons and ice screws to lock it down. if all goes as planned it will be the first time a spacecraft has landed on a comet and scientists hope to gather information to help them understand more about the origins of the universe. >> the comets are these mysterious objects in the night sky that we now know in the 21st century that these are objects which connect the origin of the solar system with the origin of the planet, potentially with the origin of water and perhaps the building blocks of life. >> reporter: and so their biggest fear now is that they land on a steep slope or a boulder. they should get word on how the whole thing went down around 8 a.m.
5:37 am
our time in just a couple of hours. back to you. >> it is fascinating, kiet. but is it worth it? how many billions did you say the mission cost? >> reporter: so it costs 1.6 billion. they say that it's already executed about 80% of what they came to accomplish. so even if it doesn't land on that comet safely, they say it is not a total loss. and completely worth it actually. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. in san jose the next issue will be the size of the police department the mayor will inherit. sam liccardo beat dave cortese. the san jose police officers association predicted a mass exodus of officers if the mayor- elect doesn't do something about the city's sweeping pension reform efforts enacted through measure b. >> nothing has changed. police officers are still going to leave until we fix measure b until we're competitive here and until there's a safety net for officers that they can stay and know that they are going to
5:38 am
get taken care of, the officers are going to continue to resign and retire. >> so far this year about 60 officers have filed for retirement and another 14 have requested transfers. four students back home finally in northern california after a harrowing visit to russia. the four returned to sfo after going to russia for a student leadership conference. they were meeting with their russian counterparts when authorities apparently barged in and demanded to see their travel documents. they were held for hours in st. petersburg. >> we were basically told that we needed to start signing things that we're going to spend the night in the room, they fingerprinted us next to the jail cells. >> the group says they have been to china, pakistan, several other countries and they have never had any kind of problems like this. they still haven't gotten any "real" answers about why they were detained. it's a second day of the
5:39 am
northern california nurses strike. close to 18,000 kaiser permanente nurses walked off the job yesterday to protest what they call inadequate training to treat ebola. kaiser officials say this is a pr stunt and that they are prepared for ebola. all of the hospitals are staying open through this. kaiser says it's bringing in nearly 3,000 temporary nurses. this is the final day of the strike. wall street continues on a run of record setting sessions. >> let's chat. jill wagner on a wednesday joins us live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. here on wall street today will be the sixth straight record high open for the dow. it inched up one point yesterday closing at a new record. the nasdaq was up 9. five of the world's biggest banks have now been fined more than $3 billion for trying to manipulate foreign exchange markets including citigroup, jpmorgan chase and hsbc. it follows an 18-month
5:40 am
investigation in a dozen countries. regulators say the banks didn't supervise employees and let them share information on client accounts. and will ferrell could be literally laughing all the way to the bank. his website could be up for sale. reportedly looking to get between 100 and $300 million. many of the spoofs have gone viral. >> we are hearing about a new trend in how americans eat. what's the latest there? >> reporter: yeah. more americans are eating meals at home instead of heading to a restaurant. but they aren't necessarily cooking. a new study from the research firm group found americans are making meals out of ready-to- eat snacks. analysts say they are fast and convenient and it's also a good way to save money in a tough economy. so the most popular snacks, yogurt, cereal bars and fruit. frank and michelle, i think they looked in my fridge.
5:41 am
[ laughter ] >> raise your hand if you have had cereal for dinner. >> i have done that. >> i've done that, absolutely. nice and easy. >> you're done. >> i'm with you. >> and sometimes it's chips. [ laughter ] >> jill wagner of, thank you. >> of course we go to bed at 5:00 at night. >> true. [ laughter ] an oakland judge ordered harold hamm to pay nearly $1 billion in a divorce judgment. the judge said earned pay his ex-wife sue ann a third of the fortuned by of the end year. the rest will be installments about $700 million a month. hamm is oklahoma's richest man with an estimated net worth of about $14 billion. 5:41. gas prices around the bay keep dropping and they could go lower. some good news for drivers as we head to the holidays coming your way. and a new reason to party? details on the post-war party bringing women together across the bay area. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
few minutes. a gr good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning." we are starting out with some cloudy skies, no rain just yet. we're scanning the skies with our hi-def doppler radar. expecting rain later on. we'll tell you when coming up. a group of women met in walnut creek last night to talk about eggs. their eggs. and fertility. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: they call her the egg whisperer. >> i have patients who have coined that phrase for me. >> reporter: dr. amy is so passionate about fertility education, that she is taking it out of the clinic and into the cocktail lounge. >> it's about empowerment and knowledge. >> reporter: she is hosting an egg freezing party talking about what it takes to put your
5:45 am
fertility on hold. >> you can eat and drink and be merry and talk about your future dreams and what you want and how we can make that happen. >> reporter: dr. amy calls it a modern-day tupperware party, the wine, cocktails, appetizers and a lecture about egg freezing. >> egg freezing party is not about scaring women into thinking they are infertile. >> reporter: the seminar hit a nerve for these women at a time when tech giants apple and facebook have offered to pay for employees to freeze their eggs and faced public backlash over it. >> i think it's great they have this egg freezing coverage. >> reporter: dr. amy is facing her own critics who says she is giving women false hope in a process that doesn't work. >> i don't hear anyone upset that we freeze sperm. we have been doing it since the 1950s. why are we being so sexist? i just don't understand. it just doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: for women like 40- year-old june chang, an unmarried dentist who is still
5:46 am
debating whether to have children. >> a lot of us have been just kind of putting it on hold just making sure it's the right time. >> reporter: the benefit of a party like this one is a no- brainer. and now she is thinking of hosting one of these parties herself. >> i think it's just something to get a group of girls together and just have a great time. >> reporter: in walnut creek, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> women who attend the parties get 10% off the cost of freezing and storing their eggs. >> normally it runs about $15,000. >> a lot money. but if you want kids later in life, why not? the price at the pump is falling. saudi arabia is going to keep lowering the price per barrel of crude oil. the average price for gas in the bay area is $3.19 a gallon. the lowest it's been since 2009. san francisco, a little pricier, $3.37 a gallon. san jose $3.18. in oakland, $3.23. but shop around, you will get it below three bucks. >> there you go. let's check in with elizabeth for a traffic alert. >> we are still talking turkeys
5:47 am
in san ramon. it's still a mess on the southbound lanes of 680. the alcosta boulevard off-ramp remains closed and now they are saying it is going to be closed for next several hours until at least 10 a.m. they keep pushing back that estimated time of opening. so here's a live look from chopper 5. it's just the off- ramp that's closed. the main lines of southbound 680 are still okay. but if you have been watching us throughout the morning you know that big rig was hauling 40,000 pounds of frozen turkeys so right now, they are just in the process of trying to siphon out all the fuel out of the big rig, then from there, they are going to try to take out all the turkeys from the big rig and finally right the thing and that's when they can get the tow crews out there. so it's kind of a multistep process. the accident was first reported shortly after 2:30. so this has been out there for a long time. emergency crews are still working to sand the road where the fuel spills. let's check the maps and show you the sensors. they main lines of the freeway, there is no delay at all right now. if you want to get around that,
5:48 am
don't use alcosta. you can't use it. use bollinger canyon instead. and just a quick look at westbound 580 where it's a little slow now through the livermore valley. that's the latest "kcbs" drive to work. your forecast now, things are changing, here's lawrence. all the talk about turkeys yesterday, i started to hear christmas music, i can't believe. >> even in traffic. >> ready or not, here come the holidays. it's dry to start in the bay area but toward the afternoon that's going to change. this evening expecting showers to begin picking up. so cloudy skies now. staying mostly cloudy i think as we head into the afternoon. and then the showers developing a little later on. and then more storms lining up especially next week. the storm system off the coast will take its time getting here. in the evening, we could begin to see showers in the north bay and sweeping across the rest of the bay area overnight. the rest of the country they are looking at some very, very cold temperatures.
5:49 am
record cold a high of 5 in denver today, 30 in topeka, 26 in omaha, and 46 degrees in dallas. temperatures going to continue to be cold across the country for quite some time. a lot of clouds around the bay area this morning but as we head into the evening, you can see 8:00, we have some showers developing in the north bay. and then overnight tonight, it sweeps right on across the rest of the bay area. you're going to see some pockets of heavy downpours. so yeah, looks like most of it coming overnight. not a washout for tomorrow. but maybe some morning showers, as well. we could see as much as a quarter to half inch in the wetter parts of the bay area especially over the mountains. i don't think as much as this model is showing down in san jose. maybe about .10" there. nonetheless, temperatures in the 60s outside. sunrise at 6:47 today. sunset 5:01. the next couple of days back to much-needed rain coming our way. looks like friday and saturday we dry out. then more storms i think will be lining up as we head into next week, guys. but tonight, yeah, back to some showers. could see some nice downpours.
5:50 am
>> thank you. not too bad. ♪[ music ] ♪ in the shadow of the penitentiary ♪ refinery ♪ >> he sounds good. bruce springsteen and a whole host of big name music stars were in the nation's capital to pay tribute to u.s. veterans. tens of thousands of fans packed the national mall for the concert for valor yesterday. other musicians performing at the veterans day event included the zach brown band, jack black, and kerry underwood and rhianna. tickets were free. >> the boss never ages. >> he doesn't. >> he looks great. sounds awesome. it is 5:50 on this wednesday. well, he helped the giants win the world series and now jake peavy is bringing a cable car back home to alabama. the details on what he plans to do with it when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
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i gooh fitting the tree through the door, that's feast-worthy. so celebrate with the kfc festive feast. a bucket of the world's best chicken, our famous sides, biscuits and our new pumpkin cake. the kfc festive feast. we are looking at clouds on the coast. storm brewing, and we have some rain coming our way, too. we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. >> and this toppled turkey truck continues to block an off-
5:54 am
ramp in san ramon southbound 680 to alcosta. plus, looking at the bay bridge, a little more crowded. a full look at your morning commute is already pretty busy, is all minutes away. >> thank you. colma police say they have arrested the suspect in an attack outside the nordstrom rack last week. look at the top your screen through this surveillance. you can see the woman in the red knock the other woman down in the parking lot. now, colma police say the attacker is 27-year-old terry elzie. the victim 23459 thatly victim says she had asked terry elzie to quiet down her child who was throwing a fit. >> she, you know, came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do and i said i didn't tell you what to do, i asked you very nicely to calm down your child a little bit. >> natalie does admit she also told elzie to go to hell.
5:55 am
the punch knocked three teeth loose. elzie is facing felony battery charges. >> the first thanksgiving turkeys are on the way to glide in san francisco. aaa gave them dozens of donations. but they need at least 1500 turkeys to get through the holidays along with hundreds of happens and 500 volunteers to help prepare and serve it all. >> we want the whole bay area to pitch in and say, we're ready and we're going to show you that we're ready by stepping up and stepping in and helping the people who are really in need. >> glide's annual turkey dinner starts at 10:00 thanksgiving morning. they expect to feed about 5,000 people. giants pitcher jake peavy buying a motorized cable car which he plans to convert into a mobile bar back in his home state of alabama. it will be renovated at his 5,000-acre plantation. after winning the world series with the red sox, the previous season, he bought one of
5:56 am
boston's amphibious duck boats and now he has a cable car to hang out with, as well. a 14-year-old boy is hit and killed while officers were on a high-speed chase. we'll tell you what happened, next. >> reporter: and right now, a space probe is trying to attempt a landing on a comet. yes, a comet. it's a 4 billion-mile trip that's taken 10 years to get to this point. i'm kiet do with a live report on how it's all going down as we speak. thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
he got hit and then he flew into the air. >> police in san leandro are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a 14-year-old last night. the boy was hit while crossing the street on his scooter. police were chasing him when he hit the boy. >> an ambitious goal but it is an achievable goal.
6:00 am
>> president obama wraps up a three-day trip to china today after reaching a historic agreement on climate change. they pledged to work together to reduce gas and greenhouse emissions. >> came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. >> police have arrested the woman accused of punching a fellow shopper outside nordstrom rack in colma. the woman was allegedly attacked after she told terry elzie to quiet down her screaming child. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi,


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